Belle Sheet Music from Notre Dame de Paris
Sheet Music of Belle

I got this sheet music over a decade ago however I had barely touched it till recently. I took piano lessons for seven years and I would say I’m passable. At best maybe fair, B- or C+ on a good day maybe. I do really enjoy playing the piano however even if I’m not good. There was period in late fall of 2020 when I was playing more which was a coping mechanism. However I don’t recall playing “Belle” during that period of time. Then I stopped playing and started up again a few weeks ago and “Belle” is very enjoyable to play.

This particular arrangement has vocal accompaniment but I tend to just play the vocals. The vocals are just more fun but I do want to get better with the accompaniment. I find Quasimodo’s verse the easiest to play and Phoebus’ hardest. This is because all the notes in the first part of the verse are flat and mind you I’m not an accomplished piano player so a little tricky, still fun though. C and F flats throw me off.

My mind did a shut down once playing this. I had been playing “In the Hall of the Mountain King” which starts off similarly so when I switched to “Belle” I was had a moment where I couldn’t figure out what I was playing.

I might try and get a Disney Hunchback sheet music book at some point, I do have other pieces that I want to learn/relearn before I get anything new. “Moonlight Sonata” was the last piece I was working on before I stopped taking lessons so ideally I would love to get passable at that one. But for right now I’m enjoying playing “Belle.”