You may not believe this but I didn’t want to post another youtube video today as it’s  a content crutch. However this is technically news. As you can see by the video there will be a Notre Dame de Paris concert in Poland. At first I wondered if this meant the songs would be translated to Polish but according to this site,26756,3 the song will be in French.

HOWEVER turns out there is a Polish version of Notre Dame de Paris.

It seems to be very fairly new. It also looks like they took their visually style from the Italian version. First time I have seen that.

Esmeralda – Maja GadziÅ„ska/Ewa KÅ‚osowicz
Quasimodo – MichaÅ‚ Grobelny/Janusz KruciÅ„ski
Frollo – Artur Guza/Piotr PÅ‚uska
Phoebus – PrzemysÅ‚aw Zubowicz/Maciej Podgórzak
Fleur de Lys – Weronika Walenciak/Kaja Mianowana
Gringoire – Jan Traczyk/Maciej Podgórzak
Clopin – Łukasz Zagrobelny/Krzysztof Wojciechowski

here is more info


Now sure who of the performers are in the concert though.

This version was performed in 2010 and 2011 (I think). This video is an interview a few clips of the cast rehearsing.

Quasimodo – Marcin KoÅ‚aczkowski
Esmeralda – Edyta KrzemieÅ„
Gringoire- Michał Rudaś
Febus – Janusz KruciÅ„ski
Clopin – Marcin MroziÅ„ski
Frollo – PaweÅ‚ Tucholski
Fleur de Lys – Patricia Kazadi


This video is a rendition of Belle in Polish. To my knowledge Belle is the only song from Notre Dame de Paris that has been offically translated into Polish. I for one don’t like the jazz arrangement of the song. But what do you think? Yay or Nay?