Now that we’re done looking at Disney sequels, we going to start reviewing movies that were not made by Disney and feature a Princess-like character or Non-Disney Princess Movies. Some you have heard of and some you may not be familiar with. I’m going try to the reviews in Chronological order but some might be out order pending if I can find them and stuff. Anyway let’s get start with the 1939 version of Gulliver’s Travels .

Guillver's Travels picture image

Guillver’s Travels

1939 was a great year for movies, we had Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz and even the Charles Laughton’s version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, unfortunately Gulliver’s Travel didn’t get that memo and we get a weird annoying little movie. Get it, because they’re small in Gulliver’s Travel.

Gulliver pulling ships Guillver's Travels picture image

Gulliver pulling ships

The story is a sailor named Gulliver washes up on a beach. The island is inhabited by little people. As he sleeps he is  found by Gabby, a watchman. While that is going on the King of Lilliput is arranging the marriage of his daughter Princess Glory to Prince David of Blefuscu. However the kings get into a fight over the wedding song and declare war, makes sense.

It’s then that Lilliputian go to the beach and tie up Gulliver. Turns out Gulliver is really chill and the Lilliputian love him and decide to use him in their war. Gulliver learns the reason for the war from Glory and David, who are quite in love and offers a comprise that they merge the songs. Then Gulliver tries to stop the war and David gets a little hurt when some spies from Blefuscu try to shot Gulliver but he’s fine and happy ending.

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So what is wrong with this movie? Oh, lots of thing. First and foremost the movie has this really weird problem of focusing on annoying characters. Pretty much everyone in this movie is annoying. Gulliver is a little annoying but not so bad. Glory and David aren’t really characters more like walking plot points that sing.

No, it’s all the old little guys. Gabby is most annoying fucker I have ever seen. This guy does not shut up ever. Give me the Gargoyles, fuck it give me the instruments from Enchanted tales version of Hunchback. Gabby is the worst. The kings are also annoying but slightly less than Gabby. The film wouldn’t be as bad if they didn’t dominate the screen. My favorite part was the ending confrontation because Gabby was in a bag through most of it.

Princess Glory and Prince David Guillver's Travels picture image

Princess Glory and Prince David

The movie also likes to shift anyway from Glory and David for the annoying Kings and Gabby. It might a 1930s style and attitude towards animation but it like damn movie give me a break from the goofy characters and let the pretty people just sing their forgettable love songs.

Guillver's Travels picture image


Another issue I had is the animation. The goofy characters are very cartoonish whereas the pretty characters are clearly rotoscope. In Gulliver’s case traced straight from live footage and given no cartoonish tweaks like Glory and David. The different style was REALLY jarring.

Princess Glory and Prince David Guillver's Travels picture image

Princess Glory and Prince David


As a Princess goes Glory is there but she doesn’t do much other than sing, pout, sing and have ONE LINE of spoken dialogue. She does stub Gulliver’s feast because she mad about her and David not getting married for a stupid reason. But if the movie did focus a little more of her she could have been interesting. I mean she likable enough because she didn’t annoy me.

King Little and King Bombo Guillver's Travels picture image

King Little and King Bombo

I would say if you like that old style of cartoons, or you want to be well-verse on cartoon history or you just curious about  one of the most annoying waste of cel animation ever You should check  out Gulliver’s Travel but I just didn’t care for this movie it was way too padded with annoying characters and forgettable songs.