So I had said the Robert Marien, Matt Laurent, and Myriam Brousseau were in the World Tour Cast but it seems that they are in the Asian Tour 2011-2012 Cast. I Suppose with two English Tour cast information get a little confusing. Or Perhaps I’m Waaay off and was wrong about a World Tour.

Anyway here is the Cast of the 2011 Asian Tour Cast

Cast of Notre Dame de Paris Asian Tour 2011 picture image

Cast of Notre Dame de Paris Asian Tour 2011











Confirmed Cast (Source) and (Source

Quasimodo – Matt Laurent
Esmeralda – Candice Parise
Frollo – Robert Marien
Gringoire – Dennis Ten Vergert
Phoebus – Stephen Webb
Clopin – Ian Carlyle
Fleur de Lys – Lilly-Jane Young


Quasimodo/Frollo – Nigel Richards
Gringoire/Phoebus – Tim Driesen (Source)
Esmeralda/Fleur de Lys – Myriam Brousseau (Source)
Quasimodo/Clopin -Marc Akinfolarin

According to Twitter posts, Rachel Muldoon and Tom Muggeridge are in cast, my guess is that they maybe dancers but I don’t know, some how they’re are linked with the cast.

EDIT 6/25/12
There is a World Tour. It Starts October 31th in Russia. Tour will be English.

(((I’m sorry I got it wrong, but I’ll post something when (and if) and cast news is released on the 2012-2013 cast unless the Asian Tour is in fact the tour that General Entertaiment Associates meant and if that’s the case, why did the say it would be 2012-2013 when the Asian Tour only going to last for a reported 8-9 months? My guess is that the Asian Tour is the Tour Cast and General Entertaiment should have been more clear in their write up. But still it would be cool to have a world tour of Notre Dame de Paris)))