Chapter 13, A Master-Stroke of the Trap-Door Lover

Not a bad chapter, has a little bit of a slow start. The end is good with Christine Daae disappearance mid-show. Lights go off and she’s gone. A jump-cut must have gotten her though it’s book. It is interesting that Erik gave permission for the fake engagement. I also like Christine flipping out about the ring. The ring I don’t think ever makes into the films, well not a plain gold one given to by the Phantom. I could be and am probably wrong though and I’m just forgetting a movie that has it.

Really it’s no wonder why film makes don’t adapted the story more faithfully, Raoul is a boring stalker and Erik is more interesting. It a shame that we all pretty much know the story.

That is all I can really say about the one.

Chapter 14, The Singular Attitude of a Safety-Pin

I skimmed this one, I admit it. It was boring. Basically the characters just figure Christine run off with Raoul but most modern reader know she didn’t run off at all and not with Raoul. This chapter is for dum-dum who can’t figure it out.

Yeah this one is just dull.

Chapter 15, Christine! Christine!

Origianally when I was going to do this post I was going to cover two instead of three because I’m lazy but this chapter is short. It’s good though because I would have either had to done four next week or be off schedule.

Anyway this short chapter is Rauol going to gate that leads to the lake under the opera and meeting the Persian. Really that’s it. It’s quick and dull. I really just skimmed it. Hopefully it will pick up again soon.


The book opens with the author Gaston Leroux telling us that the book was based on real events. That the ghost was real and the story was the result of Leroux looking through inquiries and not made up. Of Course the inquiry is a fiction, it all made up. I suppose it sets a mood for mystery.

Chapter 1, Is it the Ghost?

The book starts with the management changing and the principle dancer, Sorelli is getting ready to make  a speech. The ballet girls then rush into Sorelli’s dressing room as the are scared of the Opera Ghost. The Ghost is describe as a death head in a dress suit, he’s fashionable. Towards the end of the chapter Joseph Buquet is found died hanging from a set. Some say suicide but the dancers know it was the ghost since Joseph saw him.

Just some points of differences from movies and the Webber version, Meg Giry is described as having black eyes and hair which is way off from blond she is the Webber show, also the prolouge said Meg married well so F.U Love never Dies.   Also Joseph Buquet is a quiet hard worker which is quiet different to the drunk he is the musical.

Also I don’t think Sorelli and the other little dancer, Jammes are ever in any movie versions, I could be wrong.

Chapter 2, The New Margarita

Enough built-up, I mean jeeze it took what two chapters for us to meet the main characters, I kid I’m still not over The Man who Laughs, that book took forever for anything to happen.

Anyway in this chapter we meet Raoul and his older brother. WE also get their back story like Raoul is  twenty years younger than his brother and they have sisters too. It’s nice getting the backstory from the get-go as it won’t hold things up later.

Christine is also introduced. We learn that six months ago she wasn’t that great as a singer but now she is a triumph. Raoul recognize Christine but she does know him.  Christine then asks to be alone and Raoul assumes it’s for him but it’s to talk to The Phantom. She tells him that she sings only for him and that she gave him her soul. At this point the Phantom is just as voice for Christine. Christine leaves her dressing room as Raoul watches her leave, he was eavesdropping. He looks into the dressing room and sees it’s empty, dun-dun-dun. Then more Buquet stuff.

Just for the record Margarita is the role Christine played in Faust which was her big moment. She also sang as Juliet but that seemed like it wasn’t the full opera.


Chapter 3, The Mysterious Reason 

This time we are introduced to the new mangers, Armand Moncharmin and Firmin Richard. They are given the ropes which involve the Opera Ghost, mainly concering Box five which is the Ghost’s box but they decide to sell it, Poor Fools.

A lot of this chapter is from their memoirs.

Aside from the Prologue it’s a good start, thing move along and happen.