Book 6 Chapter 2, The Rat-Hole
Got love how this chapter starts out with interrupting or rather tell of of a switch in focus from Gringoire to Esmeralda. For the past 90 odd page it been off of Gringoire book why apologize now? This chapter gives us the back story of the Rat-Hole.  That is pretty much it, admit it, skimmed this chapter.


Book 6 Chapter 3, The Story of a Wheaton Cake
In this chapter we learn the backstory of Sister Gudule the recluse in the Rat-Hole. Gudule was once a prostitute who lost her beloved child when she was kidnapped by Gypsies. In this chapter who also get a little more on the origins of Quasimodo as he was switch with Gudule’s child.  This chapter is interesting since it done in two parts,  the story of Chantafleurie and then learning that Sister Gudule is Chantafleurie. Depsite being a long chapter (since I got back for a visit to a friend’s house my attention has been crap) it was an enjoyable chapter that further lays the groundwork for more fun tragedy later.