Well this has been a thing for the last few years so why stop now?

Quasimodo – Start Online Dating.
Esmeralda – Start a Youtube Channel dedicated to dancing, being wonderful, and all things pretty.
Frollo – Stalk her more through Social Media!
Phoebus – Join Tinder,
Gringoire – Start a VlOG channel dedicate to my genius and poetic proses!
Clopin –  Start an Internet Scams.
Fleur de Lys – Start a Youtube Channel  about how to be fashionable, graceful and the classiest way to break up with men who are scum.
Jehan – Learn how to get money with no work or effort.
Djali –  Learn Python.
Sister Gudule –  Post more pictures of my baby on Facebook.
Notre Dame –  Join Myspace



Past Years ;


It that time of the year again, that magical time when anything seem possible and we try to better ourselves in the New fresh year. I’m of course talking about New Year Resolutions! I had one for 2013 and that was to read  two books; Anna Karenina and Les Miserable. I read Anna Karenina still need to read Le Mis.

Anyway what would the Cast of Hunchback’s New Year Resolution for 2014 be?

Quasimodo – Get out More
Esmeralda – Stop being  so Perfect
Frollo –  Stalk More
Phoebus – Stop being Perfect
Gringoire – Get my Morality Play on Broadway
Clopin –  Gain 20 Pounds (^_~)
Fleur de Lys – Have more Fun
Jehan – Mooch More
Djali – Learn a New Trick
Sister Gudule – Connect with family
Notre Dame – See the Eiffel Tower

Here  are their Resolutions form 2013 https://www.thehunchblog.com/2013/01/new-years-resolution/