Book 10, Chapter 5, The Retreat where Louis of France says his Prayers

Louis XI (Tully Marshall) Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923 picture image

Louis XI (Tully Marshall)
Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923

I hate this chapter, it’s so boring and long. We learn that King Louis is an old prick. News reaches him about the attack which he don’t know is on Notre Dame but he thinks on Provost. Gringoire is taken prisoner but Louis grants him mercy. When he learns that the attack is on Notre Dame, which is a like an attack on him, he gets mad. He, like Quasimodo, think the attack is about wanting a mere girl’s death so he orders it. See how this lie just exploded.

Fortunately, no movie has really done this scene because it’s boring. I GUESS the 1939 verison sort of did it but not really.

Book 10, Chapter 6, “The Chive in the City”

Robert Marien as Frollo & Dennis Ten Vergert as Gringoire 2012 Asian Tour Cast Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Robert Marien as Frollo & Dennis Ten Vergert as Gringoire 2012 Asian Tour Cast Notre Dame de Paris

Yay, a short chapter! Gringoire meets up with Frollo who is decked out in his creepy robe. The name of this chapter refers a password. Basically the two are about to sneak into Notre Dame. Well not so much sneak as Frollo has a key.

Again not too many movie versions have this chapter, in fact I don’t think any do.



Book 10, Chapter 7, Chateaupers to the Rescue

Anthony Quinn as Quasimodo finding Esmeralda gone 1956 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Anthony Quinn as Quasimodo finding Esmeralda gone

Yay, another short chapter! Quasimodo has all but given up hope of saving Esmeralda from the Court of Miracles but then he see Phoebus fighting them off and the vagrants are defeated. Hooray, or is it? Because when Quasimodo rushes to knell at Esmeralda’s feet she is gone, Dun-Dun-Dun.

The soldiers do come at the end of the attack but since Esmeralda is typically still in the church we don’t see Quasimodo’s reaction. Aside from the 1956, 1977 and Notre Dame de Paris where she does leave the cathedral, Quasimodo usually has to fight off Frollo who is trying to drag Esmeralda off.

informal cast interviews

This is from folder #21 of the pictures of the Asian Tour Cast of Notre Dame de Paris.

This video is from the Victor Hugo Musical Gala.

It features Nadia Bel, Matt Laurent, Robert Marien, Bruno Pelletier, Richard Charest, Sophie Tremblay all singing Le Temps des Cathédrales.

So Notre Dame de Paris will return to Crocus City Hall November  2013. Performances will be on the 8th, 9th, 10th, 15th, 16th and the 17th.  There will be two performance a day. It will be in French. No word so far on casting (as far as I could find).

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The performances of this seems to have been canceled.


There will also be A Victor Hugo Musical Gala Concert in Seoul on May 24 through 27th. Notre Dame de Paris Alumni  Matt Laurent, Nadia Bel, Richard Charest, Robert Marien and Bruno Pelletier will be performing.

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These feature Angelo Del Vecchio as Quasimodo, who is the alternate. He was also in the 1oth anniversary  Italian cast with Alessandra Ferrari.



The Age of the Cathedrals

The Refugees


Feast of Fools



Some background; When I was sorting out the pictures from the Asian Tour  I decided to make a sexy/romantic folder which I put into folder 20. It’s an accident that this folder coincides with Valentine’s day, but it seems appropriate doesn’t it?