Salad Fingers, picture image

Salad Fingers

A few weeks ago I had the displeasure of watching all nine episodes of Salad Fingers with a friend of mine. Salad Fingers is a post-apocalyptic psychological horror Flash cartoon series originally created by British cartoonist David Firth in July 2004. It  gain rapid popularity in 2005.  Watching all the episodes in a single sitting messes with your head so don’t watch if you haven’t already, don’t watch.

However, it is eerily addictive but what really struck me is that Salad Fingers seem to the sick amalgamation of Frollo and Quaismodo. Like he’s Frollo and Quasimodo’s love child.   I mean he has hunchback, one eye that is larger than the other and a weird naivity but also there is sick, sick weird sexual aspect to him and he’s just bat-shit insane.  All in all it’s a weird thing.