Kaz Kaan Neo Yokio, Pink Christmas picture image
Kaz Kaan Neo Yokio, Pink Christmas

I just watched the Neo Yokio Christmas special and it was great but then again I really enjoy Neo Yokio. It was almost on this list but I thought better of if since I just watched it two days ago but I’m going to watch it next year. So because the internet likes list here is a of 10 Christmas Episode/Specials that I just like.

Full Disclaimer I wouldn’t call myself a grinch but I have marginal excitement around the holidays. It’s been worse this year so I’m just meh towards it. But these Christmas special hold a special place in  my cold icy heart.

These are is no order or maybe they are,.

  • Difficult People Season 1 Episode 8, Difficult Christmas. Difficult people is one of my favorite shows. I love the song about how bitterness ay Christmas is basic and they scene where Julie is annoyiong rich ladies as she regale them with a documentary she watched as she wraps their presents.
  • Muppet Family Christmas – This is my gold Standard for a Christmas Special
  • Moomins Season 1 episode 36, Christmas is Coming – I love that they thought Christmas was a big scary monster that had to appease with a decorated tree, presents and a dinner. They are not wrong.
  • Arrested Development Season 1 Episode 7 In God we Trust and Season 2 Episode 6, Afternoon Delight – I couldn’t decide between the two, so I didn’t. I love the Living Art pageant and the blotched office party.
  • Any Mr Hanky Episode of South Park –  Even though I don’t watch South Park anymore I still like these episodes. Woodland Critter Christmas still creeps me out.
  • 30 Rock, Season 5 Episode 10, Christmas Attack Zone – Christmas Revenge does bring people together.
  • Futurama’s take on Santa – I think I respect this idea more that I love watch some of the episode but an devil Santa robot that bring people together is great.   
  • Road to Avonlea, Happy Christmas Miss King – This one is just so nostalgic for me. I miss that show.
  • Ab Fab Season 3 Episode 2 Happy New Year and Season 4 Episode 8  Cold Turkey – I love Patsy’ sister. I also was misremembering Happy Year as a Christmas episode because of the whole family meal plotline and Patsy’ sister  but maybe it counts?
  • Downton Abbey The First Christmas Special – The first Christmas special they did was lovely. The Second one ruined Christmas. Anyway the final scene of the first Christmas episode which capped off season 2, was just so wonderful. Still one my favorite scene from the series.

The 1996 habitat from South Park  Season 2 Episode 18, Prehistoric Ice Man   picture image

The 1996 habitat from South Park Season 2 Episode 18, Prehistoric Ice Man

In Season 2 Episode 18 of South Park, Prehistoric Ice Man, Stan and Kyle find a man frozen in ice since 1996. The town put the man on display since they are sure he can’t adjust to the world of 1999, so they make an little habitat filled with that were topical in 1996. This includes a bedspread of The Hunchback  Notre Dame. You can tell because it’s label.

The Ice Man sits on his Hunchback Bed set, South Park Season 2 Episode 18, Prehistoric Ice Man picture image

The Ice Man sits on his Hunchback Bedspread, South Park Season 2 Episode 18, Prehistoric Ice Man

What did Peter Panda say to Quasimodo to shock him so?

Quasimodo's Tea Party picture image

Quasimodo’s Tea Party

Picture is from the finale of the first season of South Park

With the new cast of Notre Dame de Paris I wanted something Notre Dame de Paris for Fan-art Friday and then I found this;

Notre Dame de South Park by deppangel818 picture image

Notre Dame de South Park by deppangel818

Drawing by deppangel818

I think this is perfect! I especially love Phoebus and Gringoire.