This is off-the-cuff

There is something about Stephanie Bedard that just doesn’t work for me. She is a very good singer and she has a nice power in her voice but I don’t get any feeling here. It’s just a tepid version of Vivre. She is not performing it she just singing it, albeit nicely but still there is like nothing to it.

It’s ok. Laurent is sing nicely which is odd considering how he typically sings Quasimodo but he injects some feeling into it. However, he has been in something like 500+ performances of Notre Dame de Paris so I would imagine it would be second-nature to him at this point.

This is cute. I feel like I get something from Bedard other than nice singing maybe it’s fun and relax. Laurent’s fast paced and rockfish Belle is weird but fun and I liked the duet angle with Bedard.

What the hell is happening to Esmeralda’s costume? It just keeps getting shorter and shorter. It just looks awkward at that length. What is weird is Myriam Brousseau’s costume has a straight hemline and is shorter than most Esmeralda costumes and looks awkward too. No like.

The sound quality is really bad so I don’t want to blame Bedard but I can’t help but feel she is not one my favorite Esmeraldas, she just seems mechanical in her movements but at least she is acting happy.

Stéphanie Bédard (brunette) and Myriam Brousseau (blonde) are currently playing Esmeralda in the French Korean/Asian tour of Notre Dame de Paris with Bédard as the principle Esmeralda and Brousseau as the alternate. Brousseau has been the alternate for Esmeralda and Fleur de Lys since the English Asian Tour in 2012 and Bédard one of the newest cast additions.

This video is lovely as the both sing beautifully. Bédard’s voice has a very soulful quality to it while Brousseau is more clear. If I had to pick a preference it would probably be Brousseau but it’s apples and oranges. I wish I could see/hear more from this current cast.

Whose voice do you like better?

Robert Marien as Froll & Matt Laurent as Quasimodo, World Tour Notre Dame de Paris Crocus City picture image

Robert Marien as Froll & Matt Laurent as Quasimodo, World Tour Notre Dame de Paris Crocus City

YAY, Korea is putting on a French Cast Production of Notre Dame de Paris in honor of the 10th anniversary of the show in Korea. This marks the like fourth run of the show in Asian country but it’s the fisrt time since 2005 that a production has been in its native.

The show will run at The Grand Theater, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul from January 15th to February 27th 2015.

So here is the cast and if you have been following the Notre Dame de Paris recent cast ( or just in general) you will see some familiar faces.

Quasimodo – Matt Laurent & Angelo Del Vecchio

Frollo- Robert Marien & Jerome Collet

Esmeralda – Stephanie Bedard & Myriam Brosseau

Gringoire – Richard Charest & John Eyzen

Phoebus – Yvan Pedneault & John Eyzen

Fleur de Lys – Stephanie Schlesser & Myriam Brosseau

Clopin – Roddy Julienne, Gardy Fury & Angelo Del Vecchio

Also according to Matt Laurent’s site the show will also go to
Daeju, South Korea
Daejeon, South Korea
Kwanju, South Korea
Busan, South Korea
Ulsan, South Korea
Taipei, Taiwan