Quasimodo walks into a bar, strolls straight up to the barman and says, “I’ll have a whisky please.”

The barman says, “Bells alright?”

Quasimodo replies, “Mind your own business.”

(Bells is a brand of Whisky)

Esmeralda as Succubus a.k.a Morrigan from Darkstalkers, which is a fighting video game.

Esmeralda as Morrigan picture image

Esmeralda as Morrigan

Tried of his ugly face Quasimodo decided to lose the entire face and become of a more dignified monster.

Quasimodo; The Headless  Hunchback Guy  Halloween Notre Dame   picture image

Quasimodo; The Headless Hunchback Guy

If you look really carefully you can see that Slenderman is really Frollo from the Disney movie. Hide your Kids!

SlenderMan is Frollo

SlenderMan is Frollo

Quasimodo doesn’t mind menial jobs so long as he’s “out there.”

Quasimodo as the School Janitor picture image

Quasimodo as the School Janitor

Disney Esmerlada as the Sexy Librarian picture image

Disney Esmerlada as the Sexy Librarian

Coach Phoebus de Chateaupers picture image

Coach Phoebus de Chateaupers


 Professor Frollo picture image

Professor Frollo



Frollo teaches some teenagers the Alphabet using the proper words

A – Abomination.
B – Blasphemy 
C –  Contrition
D – Damnation
E – Eternal Damnation



He maybe ugly as sin but remember ladies, Quasimodo is a Frenchmen so looks don’t matter. Not when he’s armed with that Beret, that Mustache, those Baguettes and that Red Wine.  No woman can resist the charms of a Frenchmen even the ugly ones.

Frenchmen Quasimodo paroday of Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney sequel picture image

Frenchmen Quasimodo