I enjoy reading Tarot cards, not very skilled at it but it can be interesting sometimes. So for fun I recently asked my tried-and-true rider-waite deck about the status of the Disney Live-Action Hunchback Remake and here’s what I got;

Tarot card reading for the Disney Live-Action Movie. 7 of Cups, 5 of Wands, 2 of Pentacles, & The Page of Wands
A Tarot card reading for the Disney Live-Action Movie.

Got the 7 of cups, the 5 of wands in reversed, the 2 of pentacles and the page of wands. I know some readers like to use the top card and the bottom deck card also which were The Fool the top on the deck and the Knight of Wands on the bottom.

The Current State of the Live Action Hunchback Flick as is Known

At present the status of the Live-action is in limbo. There are rumors that CEO Bob Iger doesn’t like the original movie, as well as Josh Gad and Alan Menken suggesting that the creatives are at odds with higher ups. That is all speculation but still the only recent news was the production is in limbo.

What does this Reading Mean???

I like to use Bibby Tarot as a reference as well as my own intuition. Again this is just for fun.

The first card is the 7 of cups which about illusions, wishful thinking and opportunities. Which might fit with creative teams’ desires to make this version in the first place.

The second is the 5 of wands in reversed. This card in this alignment is about inner conflict, conflict avoidance, or tension release. Perhaps there is more conflict amongst creatives than either Gad or Menken alluded to in interviews. Perhaps there is a lot of creative differences in conjunction with the studio “powers that be.”

The third card is the 2 of Pentacles. This card speaks of multiple priorities, time management, prioritization, adaptability. I tend to read this card a balancing act as in a push and push. Perhaps this also speaks to the forces acting on this project, as in what they creatives want and what the studio wants. In some capacity they want a good movie that makes money and maybe wins awards. But the sides can not agree.

And finally the Page of Wands. This card has connotations with inspiration, ideas, discovery, limitless potential, free spirit. This could mean that they are retooling ideas for the film. Or that they are moving on to new ideas/projects.

An Interesting reading to say the least. Though given the state of the Disney company and all the drama surrounding the Snow White version might have dodged a bullet.

Also there is a Disney Villains Tarot Deck that looks super fun. Cruella is The Chariot, which is just chef’s kiss.