This cover is on Iu’s latest album  and it is her Japanese debut. Which I find interesting since Notre Dame de Paris has had it’s a premiere of the English version of the show not long  before this album’s release. I like this cover. I think cool that she opted to sing this song over an Esmeralda song or Belle.

The album is called  Can you hear me? but I think it’s on the part of bonus DVD combo.

The Age of the Cathedrals

The Refugees


Feast of Fools



I hope you like videos of the Asian Tour Cast because that is what this post is all about. Originally I had just found one new video but in the course of trying to tell Lilly-Jane Young and Myriam Brousseau apart (they look very similar) I found a few more videos so enjoy and tell what do you think of this cast.

Korean News Preview

The Age of the Cathedrals

Refugees & Belle

Dance my Esmeralda

Myriam Brousseau backstage as Fleur de Lys