I was over a friend’s house and we decided to play this game a call Smart Ass. It’s a trivia card game and it’s really fun. So it was mine turn to read one of the cards and the player who guessed the answer right  landed a  bonus tile, so I had to read a card from the hard-ass pile. On card you have a choice of two questions  and I kid you not this is the card I drew to read.

Quasimodo Card from the game  Smart Ass picture image

Quasimodo Card from the game Smart Ass


Even though I knew the player knew the answer I had to pick the Hunchback reference. Smart Ass is also really fun, I would recommend it plus it has a Hunchback reference so clearly it’s awesome.

I won the first game, and the next two games I kept getting bad rolls that forced me back three spaces but it’s a really fun game. Photo credit to my pal Jackie ^^.