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Roger Ebert

On April 4th 2013, Roger Ebert passed away. He was the one of the most famous movie critics in world. And whether you agreed or disagree with him, people always wanted to know his opinions on a movie. So What did Roger Ebert think of Disney’s Hunchback? He really liked it. He gave it four stars. He liked it better than Aladdin and Pocahontas. He thought it was Disney’s best since Beauty and the Beast.  He said “It blends Menken’s songs, glorious animation, boundless energy and the real substance of the story into a movie of heart and joy.

I, for my part am jaded. When I look at a hunchback movie I judge it on how it compares to the novel and the Disney version falls short as it’s not like the novel at all but from someone who is looking at the movie as stand alone story, I agree with him. It’s an enjoyable movie  that does have heart and substance and most of animation still looks really good after 17 years.

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