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Alan Menken

Last week I wrote about how with the announcement of the Aladdin Broadway show we shouldn’t except the Hunchback musical anytime soon. However while that is true don’t loss hope that it will never happen. According to an article on there is a line that Alan Menken is also eyeing bringing and The Hunchback of Notre Dame to Broadway.”  This line is at the very end of the article but it shows that Menken is still on board with making the Hunchback musical happen, so maybe it will the show after Aladdin closes.

There is also another article on, that says that Journalist Michael Riedel  reports  The Hunchback Musical “could be back moving forward as well. ”  So we’ll see

But in the mean time you can see a play version of the Hunchback at the Actors Youth Theatre in Glibert Arizona in May.

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