This made me giggle quite a lot.

I laughed a lot. I think I enjoy these kind of videos more than I should.



Hey It’s a Youtube Poop Video by Dinner Warrior. I confess I like Frollo and Gaston as a Comic Duo

(Via Dinner Warrior’s Description)
Transcription (spoiler warning):

Narrator: There’s no intro.
Frollo: You know I have head lice.
Gaston: That’s nothing, I have ticks.
Le Fou: Every guy here loves you Gaston.
Gaston: No shit, this is a gay bar and every last inch of me’s waxed… not!
Frollo: Shall we review your alphabet today?
Gaston: I can’t read.
LeFou: Gaston, you fail at life.
Frollo: Then tell me Maria, why I see her dancing there… what? Why the hell is Lady Gaga in my fireplace?
Le Fou: Gosh that girl disturbs me Gaston.
Gaston: I know, me too.
Ratcliffe: The ladies of court will friend me on twitter when they see how I glitter.
Frollo: Eat my tacos. I have fish tacos, beef tacos, chicken tacos. I have it all! Made with real meat, real cheese, real corn.
Gaston: Hello Frollo, I’ll have four-dozen tacos and a large pepsi and for dessert I’ll have jello.
Frollo: It’s yours.
Tomo: I’m a taco. AHHH!
Frollo: I’ll find her. I’ll find Hellen if I have to burn down all of Troy!
Gaston: Iliad.
Frollo: I am a fish.
Gaston: Manatee.
Ratcliffe: Cheep-cheep!
Gaston: Every last inch of Waxonator’s covered with memes.
Osaka: Well, see ya!

The Differences post is coming…..soon