Esmeralda dancin' in the club (Candice Parise)

Esmeralda dancin' in the club (Candice Parise)

So I was on Notre Dame de Paris fans on tumblr and saw that there is a Trance/Dance Remix of Belle  (From Notre Dame de Paris). Yeah….. it’s not half bad…. I’m sure it could have been worse……. Okay I like it, I confess it’s exactly what I didn’t know I always wanted… Belle with the space sounds mixed with electric sounding violins… and you can deny it all you want but you know it awesome.

Go Here to have a listen,

Appartently it’s by Life Sentence, it’s Russian and it’s from 2003.
(Silly Photo-manipulation of Candice Parise as Esmeralda created by me)


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