Good news, July 9-10 The Original Notre Dame de Pris Troup (Garou, Helene Segara, Daniel Lavoie, Bruno Pelletier, Patrick Fiori, Luck Merville and Julie Zenatti ) will perform in Beirut, Lebanon.  For more info co this website; Evention

Notre Dame de Paris Beirut Concerts 2012 picture image

Notre Dame de Paris Beirut Concerts 2012

While this is great news, I just wonder how long it will take for one the Notre Dame de Paris concerts to be in Canada or for that matter somewhere in the Westren Hemisphere. I mean 4/7 of the original cast members are Canadians. And there is a decent number of past cast members who are from the Western Hemisphere. So when will it happen? I know there was a rumor last year about the Original Troupe performing in Montreal in the summer but Garou was in Cirque du Soleil, so that didn’t happen. But I hope it happens soon.

One Thought on “Notre Dame de paris Concert News

  1. Esme on 05/22/2012 at 6:44 pm said:

    I wish NDDP would be adapted for Broadway. Yes, I know it had a run in Las Vegas. But honestly I don’t think that was the market for this particular show; NDDP needs to start out in a market with more notoriety: Broadway or San Fransisco, someplace more known for the arts. I would just love to see it brought back to the states and for the show to find it’s market and be as successful as it has been world wide.

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