This is a Music Video of Tina Arena singing “Live from the One I Love.” Which is   the English version of Vivre. Arena played Esmeralda in the first London  cast.  This video reminds me so much of Jim Henson’s 1986 movie The Labyrinth.  She sings it in a Labyrinth  and there is a white owl.

However this may have be a connect to Notre Dame de Chartes which has a Labyrinth and Chartes is considered the Seat of Mary, as it’s believed that her veil is housed there.  Also all the water imagery relates to Mary too.

Or it could that a labyrinth stands for  the singer being trapped and lost without it being a apparent that the song is from a musical.

For the most the video is kind of cheesy with its blues tones, CGs, weird overlays,  weird cross fades and odd costumes. However despite the clunky lyrics, Arena sounds great.

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