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Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

For the month of December I’m going to take a break from the Non-Disney Princesses to view three direct to video Disney Movies, Gwahahahhaha, I hope they suck. I also may post a few Christmas related things that I like on the weekends but I’m not 100% on that.

Why am I doing this? Because Christmas! So I’m going to go watch our first offering, Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

(an hour later…)

Ok, that was inane sappiness. The End. I kid, Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas was released as Direct to video in 1999 and tells three sepreate stories that feauture Donald Duck, Goofy and Mickey.

Mickey and Minnie opening their gifts Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas  picture image

Mickey and Minnie opening their gifts

Donald Duck story is called Donald Duck Stuck on Christmas. It’s basically Huey, Dewey and Louie wishing that Christmas was everyday. This causes a groundhog effect where the live the same Christmas off and over again till they learn that Christmas is about giving and love and not about presents.

Goofy’s story is called A Very Goofy Christmas, gee cleaver title. It’s about Max, at his youngest, losing his faith in Santa Clause and Goofy tring to regain it. In the end Max tries to regains Goofy’s faith in Santa and they wish for each other happiness.

The last story is Mickey’s and it’s called Mickey’s and Minnie’s The Gift of the Magi. It pays out like The gift of the Magic except with Mickey’s Harmonica instead of the watch and Minnie’s watch instead of hair. It’s pretty much just gift of the Magi which is another fine story about giving and the Christmas spirit. Though I would point out that Mickey and Minnie can still use their gift unlike the couple in the Gift of the Magi because Minnie gave Mickey a box for his harmonica and Mickey gave Minnie a necklace which was supposed to be for her watch but it’s still a necklace. Also what time period is this because it have like old fashion cars, and Mickey’s attire look like Victorian street urchin but there is a computer story, ah whatever.

The Story Gifts Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas picture image

The Story Gifts

Basically all three stories are the same thing, Christmas = Giving +Love. You have seen these stories over and over, there is nothing new to them. The only spin that they made is adding slapstick that gets rather old after a while. There are better way to get the Christmas spirit message to kids. Maybe this video thinks it will be the first but Mickey’s Christmas Carol does it better.

The cast Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas  picture image

The cast

There is not a lot to say on this video, it’s boring, sappy and inane but that is not a surprise. The most I can say is it’s harmless and the worst I can say is meh. I did chuckle a bit in the Goofy story when they think they see Santa and it’s just a Beagle robbing a house, that was funny. The sadest part was when Donald repeated dropped the pancakes on the floor, too sad.

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