The Muppets have a ton of Christmas specials and movies, the most noticeable is the The Muppet Christmas Carol which is wonderful but that is not one I’m going to talk about. Instead I’m going to talk about A Muppet Family Christmas Special from 1987.

A Muppet Family Christmas picture image

The Cast of A Muppet Family Christmas

In the special every one goes to Fozzie Mother’s house for Christmas and they are joined but the Sesame Street gang and the Fraggle Rock crew. They get across the giving and togetherness message of Christmas but there is more silliness than morals which makes it wonderful and enjoyable. This special just makes me so happy.

You can watch the special on youtube as it’s not available on DVD any more and that DVD edited it a lot. Watch here, it’s like 47 minutes long.

Another Muppet Christmas thing that is close to my heart is A Christmas Together – John Denver & The Muppets. I listen to this CD a lot this time of year. It has a lot of humor and warmth. Track 3 The Peace Carol is my favorite. It was also another Muppet Christmas Special in 1979.

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