Book 2: The Hooker At Sea

I know it’s a boat but I have to giggle at that title. And I’m REALLY starting to doubt my ability to blog about this book.

Book 2, Chapter 1; Superhuman Laws

So if you wanted to learn about the people on the boat and the group who abandoned our pal, ten year old nameless boy, well rejoice because you kind of get that but mostly these chapters are about the snow storm approaching, and living in New England I’m sick of Snow, in fact it’s snowing now as I’m writing this blog post and it more than likely will still be snowing when this gets posted.

Anyway I digress. This chapter is about the storm on the sea. That’s pretty much it. It’s getting redundant to talk about Hugo’s descriptions. If nothing else this gave me good night-time reading fodder, and that joke is getting redundant too.

Book 2, Chapter 2; Our First Rough Sketches Filled In

The title of this chapter is true. We learn something about the rag-tag team of people on this hooker, (giggles………phrasing). Mostly it’s not that super interesting until we get to the German dude and then it’s like “Oh, Hello Frollo fancy seeing you in this book.”
Hugo uses almost exactly the same description for this guy as he uses for Frollo. Like Baldness forming a tonsure. Also words associated with Frollo are flung in there, like Virgin and Cassock and dude isn’t a priest.

You can read the chapter here; it’s at the very end.

Book 2, Chapter 3; Troubled Men on the Trouble Sea

Oh, what is this? Could it be the mythical and legendary Dialogue? I heard about it once in a book that was all descriptions. Seriously though finally someone says something and it not that interesting and it’s in Spanish.

The skipper chats with the Chief of the group who abandoned Ten Year Old Nameless Boy about the the old German Frollo-esque dude, who is called both The Sage and the Madman, of course he is.

Book 2, Chapter 4; A Cloud Different from the Others Enters the Scene

Well if a Cloud enters the scene you know what that means? PARTY-TIME! Probably not.

Here we get a conversation between the Skipper and the German guy. The Old German guy is concerned about the weather which means his dialogue is descriptions. Oh, you clever author. But we do get more actual conversation, The Old German guy prefers to be called The Doctor. The conversation isn’t that reveling, it’s still mostly about the sea and the weather.

I’m sensing a theme to Book II……

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