Book 2: The Hooker At Sea

Yup still snowing, though to be honest I’m writing this post on the same day as the last Man who Laughs post. High-Five for scheduling posts. (Though it probably is also snowing today.)

Book 2, Chapter 5; Hardquanonne

Ok, so Hardquanonne is the Doctor’s name or at least how he is credited which probably is a spoiler. More sea talk and a discussion about a gourd. The gourd belong to Hardquanonne and he was a friend of the cook. That’s all I got, Moving on.

Book 2, Chapter 6; They Think that Help is at Hand

If you said this chapter was more about the storm on the sea, you’d be right because it is. Seriously, book come on. Maybe storms on the sea was more exciting in 1869 but we’re are like at 15% with this book and it’s been like six chapters and prior to that the storm was starting and there is still more.

Book 2, Chapter 7; Superhuman Horrors

If like Hugo is just stalling. Was he payed by the word. Really, I got nothing. I mean this chapter was kind of fun to read fucks if it know what the point of it is. It’s a dark night, they’re at sea, there is storm, I’m not sure where that plot went, do you? I really hope this is adding to something because getting annoyed.

I should just say, I have never been much of a reader so pardon my ineptitude.

Book 2, Chapter 8; Nix et Nox

AGIAN, like the chapter before MORE on the storm at sea. I suppose in fairness to the book the Storm has mounted over the chapter to this chapter where it is the strongest and the people on the book think they are free and at the end they hear a bell. But 8 odd chapters of Sea and Storm imaginary is too much.

Ten more chapters in Book 2, I was wrong there are 17 chapters in Book 2 and not 12 but in my defense; Roman Numerals and Laziness.

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