Book 3: The Child in the Shadow

We did it, cheers to Book 3, here’s hoping it’s better that Book Ocean is Scary Three. Also the title of this book reminds of the title of Hedgehog in the Fog, but that is just me. Highfives if you know that animation short (click here to watch)

Book 3, Chapter 1, Chesil

Chesil is a beach in Dorset, England. So we are back with our old/young pal, Ten-Year-old-Nameless-Boy. Basically this chapter tells us that our pal is stilling walking and it’s cold and snowy. He then sees smokes and head toward. At the end he finds the foot prints of a woman going in the direction of the smoke.

Book 3, Chapter 2,The Effect of Snow

Ten-Year-old-Nameless-Boy finds a friend, still no dialogue. In this chapter he finds his second corpse of the evening, a woman, the poor woman has a child with her, a little girl that the book says is about five or six but uses the word infant. Anyway this was a more interesting chapter.

Book 3, Chapter 3. A Burden Makes a Rough Road Rougher

Ten-Year-old-Nameless-Boy walk holding the little girl. We learn that it has been FOUR hours since Ten-Year-old-Nameless-Boy was left behind, and yet Hugo’s endless descriptions of the sea made it seem like it was so much longer. Anyway, he struggles more carrying the girl but he reaches a town however when he knocks on door no one answers.

Remember, Read The Man Who Laughs along with me and find the joy in Hugo’s very long descriptions about ocean waves, can’t seem to left this go.

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