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Jim Carrey

I asked on Facebook for a casting suggestion and I got an Anti-Hypothetical Casting for Jim Carrey as Clopin. My first thought was “Oh, Dear God!”

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Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is known as a comedy actor so for him to even play Clopin the tone would have to be comedic, which has been done before but I REALLY doubt Hollywood would do that to a Victor Hugo Novel or the casting director would have to high as fuck or bribed. Though maybe Canada would make a humorous Hunchback movie starring Jim Carrey as Clopin. Or the scariest option and one that is more likely, Disney’s Live action remake with Jim Carrey as Clopin.

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Jim Carrey as Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber

But the question is why Jim Carrey shouldn’t play Clopin. To be perfectly frank Jim Carrey is one of those actors who is known for the goofy dumb humor a la Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura, etc (I’m sure there are more). However Jim Carrey also has been in a lot of roles that while are comedic they do have a seriousness to them like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Truman Show, etc (again I’m sure there are more). So Carrey wouldn’t be a bad option really if the tone of the movie was in keeping with kind of acting style.

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Jim Carrey with Elmo and Telly on Sesame Street

So one on level, I could see him working as Clopin on like how Disney portrayed him, where he is the fun-loving, silly leader of the Court of Miracles. However Carrey isn’t that threatening even though he has played a villain before as Count Olaf in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events but it’s not the same as Clopin’s menace.

Jim Carrey picture image

Jim Carrey

I don’t think Jim Carrey would be the worst casting choice for Clopin but I would deeply question it.

4 Thoughts on “Anti-Hypothetical Casting; Jim Carrey as Clopin

  1. Esmee on 07/29/2015 at 5:19 pm said:

    Thank you so much for using my suggestion! I just typed the first character and actor who came to mind…which is why Red Bull and staying awake until 4AM to finish a psych paper are not a good mix. Honestly, I couldn’t even see Jim Carrey as Disney Clopin, as Carrey’s style of comedy just wouldn’t suit the character. I know that Carrey has done a few, more serious roles and he was fairly decent. But I just don’t think he could pull of the dry, sadistic style of humor that goes along with Clopin.
    I think I have more anti-hypothetical casting ideas than hypothetical casting ideas, mainly just because it’s fun to think about just how unsuited many actors would be for certain roles. Maybe for another anti-hypothetical, Jane Lynch as Gudule.

  2. Skylar on 07/29/2015 at 10:30 am said:

    That one would be a mess! I got one anti hypothetical casting! Gerald Butler as Quismodo! And a hypothetical casting would be Chris Pine as Phoebus

    • jess on 07/29/2015 at 12:23 pm said:

      Oh god, Gerald Butler as another “hot” deformed Frenchmen living in a Paris landmark.

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