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Adam Sandler

If you thought last week’s Anti-Hypothetical Casting post was scary this sone is downright horrific because while Kim Kardashian has the means to set-up herself as Esmeralda I doubt she has the inclination but I could see Sandler wanting to play Quasimodo.

Adam Sandler picture image

Adam Sandler

Quasimodo is a fairly converted role for actors as not only do they get a very emotional role but they physical side of it also a challenge and though psychical demanding roles are REALLY what gets an actor notice, case-in-point  Eddie Redmayne getting the Oscar for The Theory of Everything. So if Adam Sandler wanted to play Quasimodo could and he would.

Adam Sandler picture image

Adam Sandler

Sandler has roots in comedy but he has been in some dramatic roles. He also has been is a decent amount of okay movies but he has been in so major crap that just seems like he wants to go on a trip with with friends and the movie is just an excuse. Unfortunately this how I see a Sandler attempt at The Hunchback of Notre Dame going. He would get his trip to Paris and have all his friends in the various other roles. You can use you imagination.

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Adam Sandler as Opera Man from Saturday Night Live

Also unfortunately I can really only in vision Sandler giving Quasimodo just a silly voice and that would be it for the acting front. Somehow I think it would be Opera man. I would say the physical side of the performance would be a reprise of Little Nicky. Also given that it would be an Adam Sandler movie maybe this version would follow suit with Enchanted Tales in that Sandler is actully handsome and he gets the girl in the end. And we would  get Rob Schneider saying “You can do it Quasi” when he saying Esmeralda.

Adam Sandler as Zohan with Emmanuelle Chriqui as Dalia in You Don't Mess with the Zohan picture image

Adam Sandler as Zohan with Emmanuelle Chriqui as Dalia in You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Though one plus side of Sandler playing Quasimodo is that he could get Emmanuelle Chriqui is a popular choice for the role among people on the internet, though it would seem sad that it be wasted in an Adam Sandler movie.

One Thought on “Anti-Hypothetical Casting for Quasimodo; Adam Sandler

  1. Esmee on 10/28/2015 at 3:34 pm said:

    I like some of Sandler’s work, but I just can’t see him wanting to take on an extremely dark/serious role. If he were to play Quasimodo it would be a goofy, kid/family friendly version of the character. It would basically be all of Disney’s gargoyles-the frat boy/physical humor (Hugo) the level headed, kind hearted (Laverne) and the one trying to seem sophisticated and classy. yet still juvenille (Victor)-in one character. It just won’t work. Any humor in Quasimodo is dark, tragic and ironic and while Sandler can do some witty and satirical humor, that’s not what the role is about.
    While not quite as terrifying as Kim Kardashian, I think I’d pass on a Sandler HOND/NDDP adaptation.
    And I can just see Sandler giving the role of Gringoire to David Spade…now that would be scary.

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