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The Secret of the Hunchback

Let’s be perfectly clear, every single this about 1996 The Secret of the Hunchback is stupid. This movie takes a very special bus to school. It was made by the Sterling Entertainment Group former known as United American Video Corporation. And before you say they are JUST a Disney knock-off company out to make a quick buck, they were founded in 1984 which is the Dark Age of Disney and the theatrical released an English dub of Osamu Tezuka’s Kimba the white Lion probably to piss Disney off. Actually no, they pretty much exist to capitalize off of Disney and that is okay. Although they don’t exist anymore and their videos such as The Secret of Anastasia and The Secret of Mulan to name a few are in the hands of other distributors.

What were we talking about? Oh, The Secret of the Hunchback. This version gets a bad rap among the other versions and is considered one of the worst. I will give it that it one the stupidest version but I would say that the Enchanted Tales version and the Dingo version are worse. I mean it’s bad no question but let’s see how bad.

Next Time the plot. And if you look at the H, the cover really gives away the secret.

Frollo singing, The Secret of the Hunchback, picture image

Frollo singing, The Secret of the Hunchback

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