Chapter 4, Box 5

This chapter focuses on the new mangers dealing with the Opera Ghost. First they think it’s a joke and they annoyed and ask Madam Giry for answers and she isn’t that helpful. That’s kinda much it. The point of annoyance centers on Box Five, which the Opera Ghost claims but the mangers are selling to make a profit. The OPera Ghost plays haunt on those in box 5.

It’s a silly chapter that adds to the mystery of thing, like it a ghost or not, though everyone already knows that it’s a dude.

Chapter 5, The Enchanted Violin

So Raoul is also a stalker. But this a great chapter. WE learn of Christine’s back ground with her going up poor in Sweden and her father getting a patron and how she meet Raoul. We also get that scene where the Phantom plays the violin at churchyard.

Also Christine is horrified to know that Raoul heard her with the angel of music which she thought she was the only that could here the voice, so she wasn’t too happy.

I do like that Christine’s character is given more description. She is a dreamy sort of person and the connection she has to her and music is made more clear.

Good chapter, I do hope someday the churchyard scene don properly. I’m pretty they deleted it from the 1925 version and the Webber version sort had it but not really. Though made one the independent versions did the scene properly and I just missed it, totally possible

Chapter 6, A Visit to Box Five

I love me a short chapter!

Basically all that happens in this one is that the mangers look up ay Box 5 thinks they see the Ghost with its death head and the other doesn’t. They then decided that on Saturday during Faust they will sit there. More set-up and mystery.

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