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Ok, let’s be real, on the spectrum of songs that could be in a Hunchback movie  there is one end that is Disney and Notre Dame de Paris i.e good songs and then there are the songs on the level of the rapping dog from Titanic The legend goes on or what that shit was called or the shitty songs. The Secret of the Hunchback songs falls closer to the rapping dog end but it’s much better the songs from the Jetlag  version or Enchanted Tales.

The First song in this version is Esmeralda’s something more song and literally those are lyrics. This is unquestionably stupid, I mean they didn’t even try to hide the trope. She literally wants more than her current life offers. Though in her shallow naivety she just wants nice stuff and a cute boys  which feels very in line with book Esmeralda.

This overt song should bother me more but I like that the “Something more” is sing by one of the Goons who sings the line with regards to stealing more from people, which is cute. But it’s sung well and the music is fun. So sure it’s dumb but it’s sort of delightful and short.

One Thought on “The Secret of the Hunchback Song 1; Something More than this

  1. Samantha on 01/27/2016 at 8:27 am said:

    Really, when I watched this movie I couldn’t help but think of Beauty and the Beast from Disney – I mean, Esmeralda looks SO MUCH like Belle, the hair, the clothes and the song, doesn’t “Something more than this” ring a bell to “I want much more than this provincial life”? And there is Frollo who is like Gaston’s twin, looks, clothes and obssession with a pretty girl. It surprises me Quasimodo isn’t a furry little beast and ends up with Esmeralda.

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