Patrick Timsit as Quasimodo & Melanie Thierry as Esmeralda Quasimodo d'El Paris picture image

Patrick Timsit as Quasimodo & Melanie Thierry as Esmeralda

Quasimodo d’El Paris is a movie that I as a blogger of Hunchback of Notre Dame, appreciate more than I enjoy. In the scope of all the the different versions this one is more divergent in tone and style and yet it gets so many things right. It’s clear that the people working on this movie liked and understood the source material and were not out to make money off the Disney movie or to win accolades. I don’t think there will ever be another modern comedy version  of the Hunchback.

Technically, there isn’t anything majorly wrong with this movie. I would say the pacing is not that great. It does get boring in parts, for example the end drags on forever but nothing is super wrong with it on a fundamental level.   Is it a great movie? No. Is one of the best versions of Hunchback? That is debatable but I would say it’s in the upper middle, it a solid B maybe. I would say if you’re not a fan of Hunchback is isn’t the movie for you. If you’re a person who takes Hunchback as the serious piece of tragedy that the book is, this movie isn’t for you. But if you like Hunchback and French comedies than, yeah, you may enjoy this version or at least appreciate the concept and intent of this version.

The Next version is the first version that I didn’t see prior to starting this blog (The Madeline and Courage the Cowardly Dog episodes and Disney musicals not withstanding). I’m scared people, very scared.

Also the blog is going back to posting three days a week.

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