I won’t pretend that I keep up with Kingdom Hearts but Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue recently came out and here some cut scenes from the Hunchback world. I’m not sure what 2.8 means, why is it not three? I’m sure there is a reason some weird Kingdom Hearts logic, I mean how can final chapter have a prologue, it’s nonsense, NONSENSE! Whatever Kingdom Hearts logic. Actually Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is a remastered version of Kingdom Hearts; Dream Drop Distance with some new content. This would explain why IMBD listed some of the voices with “voice achieve.”

The voice actors for the Hunchback character are
Ari Ruben as Quasimodo
Corey Burton as Frollo
Renee Faia as Esmeralda
Phil LaMarr as Phoebus
Jason Alexander as Hugo
Charles Kimbrough as Victor
Patricia Lentz as Laverne
and there is no Clopin, Shame game Shame!

I would say that the voices are weird. They did try to get voices with a similar tone and pattern as the originals, so if feels a little off. It’s good voice acting off wise.

You know what is funny? Hayley Joel Osmond voices Sora but he also played Zephyr in the Hunchback sequel. Ergo Sora is Esmeralda’s son! Ok, no not really but that thought pattern was fun for like two seconds.

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