Here is a channel that focuses on all things Hunchback, I encourage people to watch and do all the youtube stuff.

Also a few comments on the subject of this video, I agree Djali is the far superior side-kick over the gargoyles. I do wonder if less would have been more with gargoyles. Instead of having three if them maybe one good one that off-set Quasimodo’s personality. I think the idea of them could have good but they did shift focus away and while most of the jokes were not funny they didn’t make sense with in the context of the story. Hunchback is not a magic driven story and being “part of the “architecture” is no excuse for anachronistic humor. I guess Aladdin ruin it, it just made sense in Aladdin and was a bad decision in Hunchback.

Anyway if you like Hunchback and go watch her videos and other Hunchback videos on youtube and maybe Disney/Hollywood will take a hint that people have an interest in Hunchback.

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  1. Thank you for posting this!
    This is an older video, but I have a newer one on the site and YouTube.

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