Dania Ramirez as Cinderella & Andrew J. West as Henry Mills Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 1 Hyperion Heights picture image picture image

Dania Ramirez as Cinderella & Andrew J. West as Henry Mills

So now that season 7 is on hiatus, I thought it would be a good time to reflect a little on this season. The season has a ton of problems, some are the story itself and other are more on the production level. For instance I can not buy into Jacinda/Ella and Henry’s romance and it’s weird that the actors have no sense of chemistry with each other. I’m pretty the only reason Hook and Emma were even a couple was because of the chemistry of the actors so you would think the casting would have had a chemistry test since Henry and Jacinda/Ella are a core emotional plotline. I mean does anyone care about their romance?

But there is more to just not caring about the curse and breaking the curse. It does seem like a null and void scenario since there is a potion that can just get people to wake up. Tilly was awoken a little while, Rumple is woke up, Regina and Zelena woke up. Gothel, Druzilla, Rapunzel and Anastasia were never impacted as was Lucy. So that just leaves, Henry, Ella/Jacinda, Tiana/Sabine, Wish/Hook. Nick/who knows and Tilly/Alice again. They only character that were don’t know the location of is Robin/Tilly’s ex. So breaking the curse doesn’t see like a BIG feat when MOST of characters are not really affected by it. Does Henry plot poison still work if he takes that potion to wake up, the curse is still in play to extent so what are the magical rules? Doesn’t feel like there are any real stakes. Regina can just wake people like she did with Zelena so why doesn’t she just wake people up?   

The other issue is that is cast feel small. Since this season is analogous to season 1 where it was whole town of cursed people, it felt bigger. Now it’s a neighborhood and people can leave. Is the whole of Hyperion Height populated with Enchanted Forest B character’s or is it a mix of Seattle people? I seem to recall the characters couldn’t leave Hyperion Heights expect when they do. What is this curse beside more amnesia which is Once Upon a Time dramatic crutch?   Five plotlines in sevens seasons.  It’s high but lower in you think of each arc per season which is 12 arcs per seven seasons  and there 5 major arcs with amnesia, though more if you count Belle and that dwarf losing their memories so let’s round that up to 6, since the risk of leaving Storybrooke in season 2 was big plot point but not part of the larger story till Hook knocked Belle out and she got amnesia and they she was awoken as Lacey but reverted back to Belle fairy quickly. So half the show is about amnesia.     

Okay that was a tangent, but my point is the curse is really affecting a handful of people and they only two that any emotional resonance which would be Rogers/Hook and Tilly/Alice. They are so the more emotional part of this season. Not Henry, not Ella/Jacinda and not Lucy. All their interaction feel hollow. So this season lacks emotion and  the stakes of season 1.

Also it’s very annoying that this show which gives every character dual identity could not be bother to give a proper name to the realm. It’s called The Other Enchanted Forest, the stupid Wish Realm has better name. The Enchanted Forest even got a second name for no reason in season 4, Misthaven.  

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