The Hunchback of Notre Dame High

A Hunchback Reference from Hulu’s new show Reboot.

Apparently this is straight-to-video movie that I wish was real. I love that they use the Gargoyle shot.

So QUESTIONS. Does this take place at the Paris Landmark which would explain the setting? But he has a football? Or is he a transfer student???? I mean that could work….. but I’m very confused. And since this a two second gag I bet no one put too much thought into the fake plot of a fake movie. They just wanted it to be ridiculous and silly and that it is.

Just know that I appreciate this.

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  1. Lana L. Cortez on 11/13/2022 at 9:43 pm said:

    Here goes a fake plot for you:

    Esmeralda is the new hot chick in school, insanely pretty, quickly popular, and with mad dancing skills she got on cheerleading team.

    Quasimodo, the hunchback kid falls for her at first sight after she lends him a bottle of water and he decides to get into the football team to be nearer her.

    Phoebus is the ever hot and popular football Team Captain who makes a bet with his friend Jehan to see if he manages to take Esmeralda to bed.

    Pierre is the kid in drama class who is in love with Esmeralda and got close to her by her pet white poodle (no goat in this one, Djali gets an upgrade).

    Fleur de Lys is the classic mean girl. Rich and pretty with a snobby attitude. On and off Phoebus girlfriend. Top cheerleader. Pretends to be nice to Esme while plotting behind her back.

    Frollo would be the creppy teacher who has the hots for his underage student.

    Storyline: Esme arrives at school charms everyone and gets popular. Phoebus sets his sights on her while Frollo starts to stalking her. Fleur pretends to be her friend just to sabotage her competition. Quasimodo becomes the devoted friend who wants to impress Esme getting on the football team after discovering she is in love with Phoebus. Jehan is a bad student and younger brother to Professor Frollo. He strikes a deal with Phoebus to see if Phoebus takes Esme to bed. Pierre falls in love with Esmeralda but he is bullied alongside Quasimodo. Fleur plots to get Esme expelled once she discover Phoebus bet by telling everyone Esmeralda drugged Phoebus and that the girl is a drug dealer. Frollo promises to help Esmeralda if she becomes his lover. Esmeralda hopes Phoebus tells the truth which he doesn’t because if he does so he’ll lose rich girlfriend Fleur and they’ll discover he was the one selling methamphetamine at school. Esme refuses Frollo and is on the verge to be arrested. Quasimodo and Pierre must plot to prove Esme’s innocence.

    After all is sorted what will happen? Will Quasimodo get on the team? Will Pierre declare himself? Who will Esme choose? Will Frollo finally be arrested?

    Find out on The Hunchback of Notre Dame High.

    Sorry for the long post, hope you had fun reading it.

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