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Nine years ago I did a casting post on Henry Cavill playing Phoebus which you can read HERE. I still think he could play Phoebus BUT I also think that he could play another role. A role that would be an acting challenge for him. A role that most actors seem to want to play.

That’s right, I think Henry Cavill for Quasimodo.

Given the news that Cavill is no longer playing Superman in the DCU and few months ago it was announced that he was no longer playing Geralt in The Witcher Series, everyone on the internet is casting him for everything.

First reason for this casting pick is that it goes WAY against his type. Henry Cavill is very attractive. Geralt did go against his type but still is his wheelhouse especially since he a fan of the series. Quasimodo pushes actors in all the areas of acting which is why actors spearhead productions to play the role. Whether they are success or not is another story.

Also Cavill is the right age to play Quasimodo. And when I say “right” I mean the average age. Quasimodo in the book is 19 BUT the average age of the actors who have played him in the eight “well known’ productions (movies/mini-series) is about 40.

This is not a casting pick that probably anyone wants nor does it make any sense but it would be intresting to see Cavill playing a role like Quasimodo.

What do you think? Could Henry Cavill play Quasimodo? Or different role like Phoebus? Which actor would you cast as Quasimodo?

4 Thoughts on “Hypothetical Casting; Henry Cavill PART 2

  1. Lauren on 01/16/2023 at 1:39 pm said:

    He’s a good actor. I don’t get the hate he gets from some folks just because he is handsome – I actually like his acting (sure he is cute, but not my type, actually, so I am not biased). I think he’d be able to pull Quasimodo, he seems to be the type of actor who likes a challange. IMO Chris Hemsworth is my dream cast for Phoebus, but I’d also like to see an under the radar actor in the role.

    Have you tought about Jenna Ortega for Esmeralda? I think she could pull of book Esmeralda – with the backstory an all – didn’t they say Esmeralda looks andalusian in the book? While Jenna isn’t romani she is of hispanic descent, so she could go for a book adaptation. Have you seen Wednesday? She gives a badass acting on that one even tough the character is as un-esmeralda as possible – I think she is a promising actress and she has the dark eyes that makes you drown into them kinda vibe. Besides, there is a dance scene that shows she got moves, of course it’s strange in that series, but I believe she could adapt into something more traditional for Esme.

    It would be great if you could review Wednesday as well, it was entertaining.

    • jess on 01/16/2023 at 2:12 pm said:

      According to the trivia page on IMDB for the live action movie, Chris Hemsworth has expressed interest in playing Phoebus. Not sure if that is true but I personally would be ok with him playing the role. I’m planning on doing a post on breaking down what that Trivia page says.

      I hadn’t thought of Jenna Ortega as Esmeralda. I just finished Wednesday. It was fun, I enjoyed it. I’d be curious to see her in other roles BUT I think she could play Esmeralda. I think you’re right she would be less book Esmeralda and more un-Esmeralda. I might be up for a review of Wednesday but maybe when season 2 drops we shall see. Thanks for the idea.

  2. wheezylizzy on 12/19/2022 at 9:47 am said:

    ok so…
    this has nothing to do with this post (except it’s hond related). actually this is gonna feel super random and out of nowhere but i just want to get it out of my system since it first came to my mind. it’s related to the ancient post: is esmeralda stupid? my argument is that she’s not

    now, i’m gonna mention something that i’ve never seen anyone touch on and it’s djali’s mimicing trick. one trick was about some captain of the pistoliers, the other was about jacques charmolue.
    you remember how esmeralda taught her these right? so basically, this uneducated, lower-class young girl came to paris, saw these noble, powerful and authoritative men, understood that they’re full of crap and she decided to make fun of them. publicly. with a cute goat.
    that is, if you ask me, much more impressive and badass than any cheesy line that could ever be said. that right there is a rebel move.
    and i’ve also considered that maybe when she saw those old crunchy men she just thought they were funny so she wanted to make fun of them and it’s not that deep. but i don’t really think so bc otherwise hugo wouldn’t have said: “…the entire circle of spectators burst into a laugh at this parody of the interested devoutness of the captain of pistoliers.” that quote gives us the hint that she knows what she’s doing. interested devoutness! she’s doing satire plus making money off of it and if that’s not considered smart for a 16 yo, i don’t know what is.
    sorry for this completely irrelevant and long comment. thank u for coming to my ted talk lol

    • jess on 12/19/2022 at 5:43 pm said:

      I think you’re very correct.
      She did train Djali and knew how to be satirical. The training did make it into a few version but not the parodies which is a shame.
      best ted talk Thank you

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