A Disney-esque Esmeralda

Saray Rubio Montoya
Saray Rubio Montoya

Back with another Hypothetical Casting Post a.k.a a Fan-Cast.

This one is a suggestion from a reader for Saray Rubio Montoya for Esmeralda. I think the idea was behind this suggestion was for the live-action Disney version, which isn’t getting made right now but let’s just consider that version of the character for this casting post.

Saray Rubio Montoya is Spanish of Romani descent, so she already has the right look for Esmeralda. I mean she looks so right for Esmeralda. She is also is a good age range for the role and has a background in singing and dancing which are defiantly plus for the role. Her dancing also includes flamenco.

As far as her singing voice goes it has a warm quality. A rendition from her of God Help the Outcast would be very lovely.

Her music

And some of her dancing:

Can She Act?

Saray Rubio Montoya in her Mi Origen Music Video
Saray Rubio Montoya in her Mi Origen Music Video

One hinderance to this casting choice is acting skill. Saray Rubio Montoya is not a screen actress, she is a performer skilled in singing and dancing. However acting, while there is a talent involved, is a skill that can be learned. With the right coaching, director and script she very well could turn in a great performance as Esmeralda, showcasing Esmeralda’s strength, warmth, and charm. The hardest part of the role for any actress playing Esmeralda would really be the singing and dancing and Saray Rubio Montoya is already skilled in those areas.

Saray Rubio Montoya as Esmeralda… Yay or Nay…?

Saray Rubio Montoya
Saray Rubio Montoya

Aside from the question of her acting chops, Saray Rubio Montoya ticks all the other boxes to play Esmeralda. She would make an ideal Esmeralda casting choice for any adaptation of the character.

But what do you think? Would Saray Rubio Montoya make a great Esmeralda or she too green in acting to play her???

If you have a casting suggestion, please leave it in the comments.

2 Thoughts on “Hypothetical Casting for Esmeralda: Saray Rubio Montoya

  1. Alicia Fuentes on 04/13/2024 at 8:22 pm said:

    She’s beautiful! I’ve accompanied the Montoya family for many years, so proud to see her getting famous. I think she’d make a wonderful Esmeralda, not only Disney Wise. She could even go with sweet, book Esmeralda if they changed her backstory to have her actually be Romani. She’s very beautiful and has a lovely singing voice and can actually dance! Her eyes are very Esmeralda, big and dark. I’d like to see a Esmeralda that’s not green eyed. I wonder how she’d fare on the musical. I can see her playing both Disney strong willed Esmeralda or Victor Hugo sweet Esmeralda. I don’t think Esmeralda is a very difficult role to play given a good director and a decent coach.

    It has nothing to do with the casting, but damn, her hair is gorgeous! Wish she’d do an interview sharing some haircare. Imagine this girl playing Esmeralda, Vincent Cassell as Frollo and Lou Roy-Lecollinet as Fleur de Lys. For Phoebus I’d go with Paul Kircher, even though he’s not blonde. Quasimodo is the hardest to cast, I have no idea who’d be able to nail the role. Also Nina Zem would be another cool option for Esmeralda, but I’d prefer Saray.

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