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they sing the last stanza in Lebanese (I think)


Do you think that the Asian Tour cast will turn in to World Tour Cast? I think they might.


Notre Dame de Paris 2012-2013 Tour picture image

Notre Dame de Paris 2012-2013 Tour

Good News! The English World Tour of Notre Dame de Paris has dates in Russia. It premires October 31 2012 the Crocus City Hall and lasts till November 4th.

When I hear more on dates and locations I’ll post them.

Crocus City Hall 

General Entertainment Associates

More Pictures of the 2012 Asian Tour Cast of Notre Dame de Paris  

Notre Dame de Paris original  Alumni  Julie Zenatti and Daniel Lavoie (Fleur de Lys and Frollo) performed together in Kiev on June 1 2012.

Lavoie and Zenatti singing Ils s’aiment

I love this song and I love Zenatti’s addition to it, they show record an offical recording of it.

Zenatti singing La monture

Lavoie singing most of Belle Belle

Lavoie singing Tu vas me détruire

Lavoie sings this with an acoustic guitar

Lavoie singing Etre prêtre et aimer une femme


Sabina Babayeva picture image

Sabina Babayeva

Eurovision 2012 is in Baku, Azerbaijan, Sabina Babayeva will be representing Azerbaijan. In 2010, Babayeva played Fleur de Lys in an Azerbaijani version of Notre Dame de Paris.

Sabina Babayeva as Fleur de Lys  2010 Azerbajani  Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Sabina Babayeva as Fleur de Lys 2010 Azerbajani Notre Dame de Paris

I hate to say this but I had no idea this version existed and I would also add that I’m very fixated  on the costumes. The production opts for Renaissance costumes, different staging, and different musical arrangement. It seem that production lacked budget of the other version so there is less spectacle. Honestly, I have no idea what I think of it.  I don’t hate it but I don’t really like it either. I’m incline to thinking it’ not that good. Though I think Babayeva is a decent singer.

Sabina Babayeva as Fleur de Lys
La Monture

Ces Diamants-la


For those interested, the first half an hour of the show. ( They cut the La  Fete de Fous and Le Cour des Miracles, not if show did this or just the video (I think it’s the show))

Asian Tour Pictures from my tenth folder ^^ Enjoy

A Behind-the-Scenes Fun Fact – I have 28 folders of Pictures of this Cast alone. I didn’t always have this many, originally I had 11 folders and then  I looking to see when the cast was performing in Taipei or if they even are performing there (I think they are though)  and I found about 200 pictures. And just so everyone knows these pictures in this post are only from folder #9.  I don’t know why I latch on to this cast I haven’t heard enough them to glean any insight of how good the cast is.

Enjoy the Pictures

More Pictures from the Asian Tour Cast;