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Hunchback, Musical

There is a new Hunchback musical in the world, this time in Belfast and it’s a Rock musical. The tag line is ‘Love – Friendship – Passion’

The cast is interesting and by that interesting I mean weird. Let’s see if you can spot the weirdness in the cast,


Quasimodo – Christopher Finn
Esmerelda – Ciara Louise Baxter
La Tortura – Kate England
Clopina – Roxanne Saili
Phoebus – Julius Metson Scott
Frollo – John O’Mahony

Clopin is a women???!!!!!!! I don’t have too big of an issue with that. Maybe the actress is the embodiment of Clopin or they had to take what they could get, But pray tell who is La Tortura? and why is she listed above most of the cast? and there is no Gringoire.


Ciara Louise Baxter as Esmeralda & Christopher Finn as Quasimodo Hunchback musical belfast

Ciara Louise Baxter as Esmeralda & Christopher Finn as Quasimodo, Hunchback

The song that is on the site  and in the video promo “Like I can” I really don’t care for. The music isn’t dynamic and the sentiment while in it’s the novel it’s just not that likable. Basically it’s Quasimodo telling Esmeralda that he’s better and shame of her for not seeing it.

I can’t judge the show based on one song or the cast but if that is the song they are pushing I’m not sure about it. Could be good or bad.


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