Do to some personal reasons, there will be no anti-hyptheical casting post today. I had asked for suggestions on Facebook so that is why I’m mentioning but I can’t get it out for today. I’m sorry, it will be out next week and maybe I will do two casting posts in August since people like seem to enjoy them.

Anyway Enjoy this video that is a Notre Dame de Paris blast from the past,


Again, next week will be an anti-hypothecial casting post on Jim Carrey as Clopin.


Yay for Singapore. I love how these promos show two casts and have Celine Doin singing and yet only one person is in fact in said performance.  And yes, I’m bitter that the Asian Continent gets yet another performance and yet my side of the World goes wanting.

Anyway it starts December 17th and goes to 29th. If anyone goes send me a program as a Christmas present ^_~.

Go here for more info