This is a recent performance in Bari of Bella from the Italian Cast of Notre Dame de Paris. What is interesting about this cast is that is mostly the original cast from 2001.

Quasimodo – Giò Di Tonno
Frollo – Vittorio Matteucci
Febo – Graziano Galatone
Esmeralda – Lola Ponce

I never really discussed the Italian cast but I hope to go more in-depth of them someday. For many people it’s their favorite but for now I will just say that the Italian version is a little more Operatic than the Original French in terms of acting.

Also this version of Bella is spot-on, they are wonderful.

A Fan Music Video using Disney’s Hunchback with the Italian version of Belle (Bella) from Notre Dame de Paris. Singers (in order) Giò Di Tonno (Quasimodo), Vittorio Matteucci (Frollo), Grazino Galatone (Febo/Phoebus)