This is a recent performance in Bari of Bella from the Italian Cast of Notre Dame de Paris. What is interesting about this cast is that is mostly the original cast from 2001.

Quasimodo – Giò Di Tonno
Frollo – Vittorio Matteucci
Febo – Graziano Galatone
Esmeralda – Lola Ponce

I never really discussed the Italian cast but I hope to go more in-depth of them someday. For many people it’s their favorite but for now I will just say that the Italian version is a little more Operatic than the Original French in terms of acting.

Also this version of Bella is spot-on, they are wonderful.

One Thought on “April 16th 2016 Performance of Bella

  1. Riccardo on 09/07/2016 at 5:30 pm said:

    I’ve seen the show two times in Italy this summer. The original cast was perfect even if I found Lola Ponce’s voice less good than in the last (she looks the same as she isn’t aging at all but her voice changed and she cannot hit high notes as she used to do). Aside that, I loved every bit of it. I was a bit disappointed about the absence of Claudia D’Ottavi who was my favorite Fleur-de-Lys but she didn’t want be part of the Italian original cast comeback.
    The biggest change that was made is the new Fleur-de-Lys: She’s got red hair! Search “Tania Tuccinardi Fiordaliso” on google and you’ll find some pics!

    The show is doing great in Italy after 14 years! They just did 4 shows in Verona (where the DVD was recorded in 2002) and they were all sold-out!

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