Here are Ten Titles for Hallmark Christmas movies that would be either inspired by Hunchback or Hallmark Hunchback of Notre Dame versions with Christmas.

If you have no idea what a Hallmark Christmas Movie is, Congrats. Basically Christmas is magic and great, big city bad, rural countryside good, careers bad, family good, and conventionally attractive white people in front of Christmas trees.

So here are just titles they are meant to be not good or at most amusing. To my knowledge these titles don’t exist yet….*

A Christmas Hunch

A Christmas Bell

A Hunchback for Christmas

The Christmas Goat

Our Lady of Christmas

The Feast of the Fool(ish) Christmas

A Broken Christmas Jug

Jingle Cathedral Bells

Deck the Belfry

Christmas at Notre Dame

* Christmas Belle and A Belle for Christmas are real movies. Christmas Goats are a subject of some movies since the Yule Goat is traditional in Scandinavian and Northern European countries. The Broken Jug is a real movie and Christmas at Notre Dame is the name of an album.