They  start talking about Hunchback at  like 9 minutes in. The interview starts at 14 minutes and last till about 25 minutes.

All I been hearing that this show is great. Also this shows seems to about Frollo’s story and not Quasimodo.  They also say it’s Victor Hugo story with Disney score. I don’t think I believe that, I mean Frollo is not Quasimodo’s uncle and his motivation for adopting Quasimodo was out of pity and love from his brother. I suppose the show get the latter part but it’s still different.

The interview is is very good. I like how Page says he addresses how he plays Villains as not villains.   Even in the Disney version Frollo doesn’t consider himself a villain.

I do hope this show goes to Broadway because  it is very unlikely that I will get to see it at the PaperMill Playhouse so I can review it properly. Or Maybe Disney Theatricals should just send me a screener of the show because it’s very important that they impress me, a minor niche blogger.

This version was performed in 2010 and 2011 (I think). This video is an interview a few clips of the cast rehearsing.

Quasimodo – Marcin KoÅ‚aczkowski
Esmeralda – Edyta KrzemieÅ„
Gringoire- Michał Rudaś
Febus – Janusz KruciÅ„ski
Clopin – Marcin MroziÅ„ski
Frollo – PaweÅ‚ Tucholski
Fleur de Lys – Patricia Kazadi


This a Radio-Canada Interview with Myriam Brousseau (Esmeralda/ Fleur de Ly alternate) and Robert Marien (Frollo). The Interview is in French. At 8:15  Brousseau sings Bohemienne in English. For most part I think she does a good, somehow she can sing though the awkward lyrics.

Click here to listen to the interview

Myriam Brousseau

Myriam Brousseau

Robert Marien

Robert Marien

Here are Two New Video featuring the Asian Tour Cast. The First is an Interview with Matt Laurent (Quasimodo)  and Candice Parise (Esmeralda)

The Second is clips from the Show with Features; The Age of the Cathedral, The Refugees,  Belle, My Home in the Sky, Bohemienne, The King of Fools, Kidnap Attempt, Torn Apart,  and The Word Phoebus

Videos are from the Beijing, China performances. Enjoy

(Personal Fun Fact – I went to China in June 2007 for two weeks with my college, about four hours after landing I broke my foot. X-rays make the best souvenirs )