They  start talking about Hunchback at  like 9 minutes in. The interview starts at 14 minutes and last till about 25 minutes.

All I been hearing that this show is great. Also this shows seems to about Frollo’s story and not Quasimodo.  They also say it’s Victor Hugo story with Disney score. I don’t think I believe that, I mean Frollo is not Quasimodo’s uncle and his motivation for adopting Quasimodo was out of pity and love from his brother. I suppose the show get the latter part but it’s still different.

The interview is is very good. I like how Page says he addresses how he plays Villains as not villains.   Even in the Disney version Frollo doesn’t consider himself a villain.

I do hope this show goes to Broadway because  it is very unlikely that I will get to see it at the PaperMill Playhouse so I can review it properly. Or Maybe Disney Theatricals should just send me a screener of the show because it’s very important that they impress me, a minor niche blogger.


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