I died with laughter at 2:09.
Also 2:16 because I love that character.

Kingdom Hearts 3D; Dream Drop Distance picture image

Kingdom Hearts 3d; Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance is realsed today and this the first time they Franchise will go to the Disney Hunchback world. So if you can check it out. It is available on the Nitendo 3DS and the PSP. Or Just enjoy a trailer

This trailer starts inside Notre Dame. The song in the tailer is called Sanctuary. It was from the second game and is performed by Hikaru Utada, who has been singing the songs for Kingdom Hearts since the beginning.



This is the music from the Hunchback word (La Cite des Cloches) from the thrid installment of Kingdom Hearts; Dream Drop Distance.

It’s composed by Yoko Shimomura. You can tell that Shimomura took inspiration from Menken’s score especially from Sanctuary but it not a carbon-copy it’s it own thing and sounds epic. In fact the second  piece is called “Le Sanctuaire.” This piece of music makes me want to play the game.

or those of you who don’t know the Kingdom Hearts Franchise is a co-venture with Disney and Square Enix. Square Enix is the owner of The Final Fantasy Franchise, of which I am a fan,  I like Final Fantasy IX the best.

Today is very special since it’s Anime Boston and I’m attending. So I though I would showcase a Fan-Art that fit. So it’s another Kingdom Hearts/Hunchback piece. Art was made by Carro-chan. It’s very well done. Clopin is rendered well in an anime style. I love the bright colors and Clopin pinching Sora’s cheek ^^

KH2 Hunchback of Notre Dame by Carro_chan

KH2 Hunchback of Notre Dame by Carro_chan

Since it’s Friday and January 6th which is the Feast of Fool, It’s a Feast of Fools Fan-Art (or Topsy Turvy Day to you Disney Fans).

This Fan-art is by GenkiTenshi. It’s uses the Feast of Fools as a setting with the characters from Kingdom Hearts Characters; Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy fighting the Heartless (yeah, I’ve played Kingdom Hearts before). This pairing is appropriate because Kingdom Hearts 3: Birth by Sleep, will go into the Hunchback of Notre Dame world.

Topsy Turvy Day by GenkiTenshi

Topsy Turvy Day by GenkiTenshi