Megara seduces Hercules picture image

Megara seduces Hercules

So what do most Disney character females have in common. They expose their shoulders! Only like three are the exception

Snow White – Exception
Cinderella – when her dress is torn
Alice – Exception
Sleeping Beauty – her color changing gown
Ariel – Come on
Belle – Ballgown
Jasmine – Every outfit but her disguise exposes her shoulders
Pocahontas – has one shoulder exposed the whole movie
Esmeralda – Both outfits do except but her prisoner shift but that has a hole near the shoulder
Megara – her strap falls off when she is seducing Hercules in the garden
Mulan– Once in the bath and once when she sit up after being injured
Jane– wears a sleeveless shirt, shows off half of her shoulders
Tiana– Swamp wedding gown
Rapunzel – Exception
Anna– Coranation dress
Elsa – Snow Queen Gown

13 out of 16 Disney Heroines that expose their shoulders.

I was watching Screen Junkies Hottest Animated characters (watch here) and the first group they discussed were Disney Princesses and this picture came out

Disney Princess Line UP with Esmeralda, Megara and Kida

Disney Princess Line UP with Esmeralda, Megara and Kida taken from Screen Junkies

My first thought was “Is Esmeralda a Princess now?” But the Host, Hal Rudnick picked her, so shrugs on that one. they also didn’t quite get Esmeralda character down.  But where is that picture come from? I would venture it’s photoshopped.

Esmeralda as a Disney Princess picture image

Esmeralda as a Disney Princess

But  I think it’s high time Esmeralda,  Megara and Kida joined the ranks or Disney should create a brand for older girls. I mean come on Disney, you’re wasting a demographic opportunity here.