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Megara seduces Hercules

So what do most Disney character females have in common. They expose their shoulders! Only like three are the exception

Snow White – Exception
Cinderella – when her dress is torn
Alice – Exception
Sleeping Beauty – her color changing gown
Ariel – Come on
Belle – Ballgown
Jasmine – Every outfit but her disguise exposes her shoulders
Pocahontas – has one shoulder exposed the whole movie
Esmeralda – Both outfits do except but her prisoner shift but that has a hole near the shoulder
Megara – her strap falls off when she is seducing Hercules in the garden
Mulan– Once in the bath and once when she sit up after being injured
Jane– wears a sleeveless shirt, shows off half of her shoulders
Tiana– Swamp wedding gown
Rapunzel – Exception
Anna– Coranation dress
Elsa – Snow Queen Gown

13 out of 16 Disney Heroines that expose their shoulders.

One Thought on “Disney Girls love their shoulders

  1. Savanna on 09/04/2016 at 12:00 pm said:

    Another one for the list (if she counts) is Giselle in her pink dress from the animated parts of Enchanted.

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