New regular posting series. Basically I’m going to tap to my inner pyschic power and use my special scrying tool to a give a horoscope to everyone. The scrying tool will be a Hunchback of Notre Dame Book and I will open it and record what the book tells me. To be  clear, I basically open the book and pick a random sentence.

Today’s book is The Barnes and Nobel version of Hunchback  which is my go-to version but I have other copies.

Ok, Today’s Hunchback Horoscope is;

It was on a certain evening.” (Book V Chapter 1 Abbas Beati Martini page 159).
Think about….

-(Not the best sentence for the first one on this series but that was the first one I picked and I have a no do over policy for this )

It’s been awhile I made a Hunchback related item on Zazzle. but here is a new one

Fashions have done more harm than Revolutions shirt
Fashions have done more harm than Revolutions by Hunchstore

It’s Ironic because it’s on a shirt. Quote comes from the Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo.
And this is my hundredth post yay!

Quasimodo clapping Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo Clapping

Not that I’m trying push my humble little Hunchback wares but I wanted to share some new shirts with you good people. Not sure I’ll continue doing the “what would would X do” but we’ll see. Quasimodo, Frollo, and Esmeralda are the trifecta characters anyway. The what would shirts are based on the book.  I hope these shirts at least cracks a smile, or two. Edited 3/1/12 I added a Gringoire shirt and a Cartoon Rendering of Quasimodo, because who does want to wear a picture of Quasimodo on their person….


Quasimodo shirt shirt
Quasimodo shirt by Hunchstore

Gringoire; Poet, Genius, Juggler shirt
Gringoire; Poet, Genius, Juggler by Hunchstore